Work group The legacies of Byzantium

This workgroup is composed of historians and is dedicated to the phenomena of effect and reception of Byzantine history and culture in 19th and 20th century Europe. To this end, the workgroup is structured in three subprojects and shares working methods to ensure subsequent comparison. The European dimension, according to plan, will be assessed 2016/2017 in a summer school and international conference. Both formats will be prepared through lunch talks; lectures and film series are also scheduled and are intended to present first results to academia and public.

The three sub-projects themselves provide case studies for regionally specific interpretations, but also for the use of Byzantium as an argument. On the one hand, Western, Southern and Eastern Europe are approached from a historico-historiographical point of view. On the other hand, the reception of Byzantium is inquired into in institutional clerical contexts.


  • Dr. des. Alena Alshanskaya
  • Andreas Gietzen
  • PD Dr. Mihai Grigore
  • Dr. Christina Hadjiafxenti
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Kusber
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Christian Maner