Black and Red Caviar" and Rhetorical Instruction. Eustathios’ Exegesis in Canonem Iambicum Pentecostalem Manuscript Tradition and Its Relationship with the Prodromos Petra Monastery in Constantinople

Ein Vortrag von Prof. Silvia Ronchey (Rom)

In investigating the manuscript tradition of the Exegesis in canonem iambicum pentecostalem, two features emerge with a high degree of likelihood: (a) the relationship of the work with the monastery of Prodromos Petra at Constantinople; (b) the relationship of Eustathios himself with that same monastery during his tenure as professor in the Polis. The lecture will first illustrate Eustathios' Exegesis manuscript tradition: 5 extant manuscripts - Vaticanus graecus 1409, Alexandrinus Patriarchalis 62 (107), Basileensis A.VII.1 (gr. 34), Vallicellianus F 44 (gr. 94), Vindobonensis Theol. Graec. 208 Nessel (298 Lambecius) - and one deperditus - ms. Scorialensis Λ.II.11, once owned by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and disappeared after the fire of Escorial in 1671 -, to be identified with sub-archetype Beta (β), whose existence is revealed by textual criticism. It will be shown how most of these manuscripts may have originally belonged to Prodromos Petra's library. Information will be provided on the monastery's so-called didaskaleion, its cultivated readers, its mouseion and scriptorium, up to Georgius Baiophorus and his interventions in the Basileensis ms in the 15th century.
The lecture will finally focus on Eustathios' own witnesses. In the Exegesis' Prooemium, the author writes he was asked to compose his lengthy commentary by an anonymous colleague, and that it was intended for advanced rhetorical and ecclesiastical instruction. More hints found in Eustathios' work seem to point to Prodromos Petra's mouseion. Though Eustathios' presence at the monastery is not documented in the course of the 12th century, his acquaintance with that monastic milieu is apparent in a famous passage of the De emendanda vita monachica, where he mentions the abundance of caviar provided by the monks to the emperor Manuel Komnenos - the absolutely first mention of Prodromos Petra found in literary sources.



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