Mare Thracium - Archaeology and history of coastal landscapes and islands of the Thracian Sea during Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire

International Workshop

This workshop is taking place as part of the project "The Thracian harbour-city Ainos", supported by the Priority Research Programme 1630 of the German Research Foundation (SPP 1630, DFG). Its focus is the history and archaeology of the Thracian Sea (Mare Thracium) from the west part of Chalkidiki to the east side of the Thracian Chersonese including the islands of Thasos, Samothrace and Imbros. Due to the modern geographical borders, the Thracian Sea has been seldom approached as an entity. Already in Antiquity, the economic importance of this region has been profound with minerals, viniculture and a very fruitful hinterland highly contributing to the local production. At the surrounding coasts and the islands of the Thracian Sea numerous harbour-cities have been founded and thrived, their history extending from the Archaic time up to the Byzantine period.

Participation is free, guests are welcome. For organizational reasons we request application via Email to Ioannis Triantafillidis.

Organization: PD Dr. Thomas Schmidts and Ioannis Triantafillidis M.A. (RGZM) in Cooperation with Dr. Chryssa Karadima (Ephorie of antiquities Rhodopi)

Historical Map of Mare Thracium (fig.: T. Schmidts)

Historical Map of Mare Thracium (fig.: T. Schmidts)

Historical Map of Mare Thracium (fig.: T. Schmidts)

Photograph of Ainos from early 20th century (fig.: T. Schmidts)

3. November 2016, 10:00 AM
- 4. November 2016

RGZM | Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum
im Kurfürstlichen Schloss
Ernst-Ludwig-Platz 2
55116 Mainz