Byzantium between Orient and Occident: Research results are now available for open access

In the current situation, access to online research resources is essential for many scholars to still be able to work. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures. For this reason, all volumes of the series Byzantium between Orient and Occident are going to be available in Open Access. Until now, the books were available online via the Propylaeum portal not until one year after the print edition was published. From April 2020 onwards, the moving wall will be waived. Starting with volume 16, all books in the series now appear in Open Access immediately after delivery of the print version.

BOO 16: M. Horn, Adam-und-Eva-Erzählungen im Bildprogramm kretischer Kirchen. Eine ikonographische und kulturhistorische Objekt- und Bildfindungsanalyse (Mainz 2020).


Volume numbers 14 and 15 are now also available in Open Access:


BOO 14: M. Ritter, Zwischen Glaube und Geld. Zur Ökonomie des byzantinischen Pilgerwesens (4.-12. Jh.) (Mainz 2019).

BOO 15: N. Asutay-Effenberger / F. Daim (Hrsg.), Sasanidische Spuren in der byzantinischen, kaukasischen und islamischen Kunst und Kultur. Sasanian Elements in Byzantine, Caucasian and Islamic Art and Culture (Mainz 2019).


Volumes 17 and 11-13 will follow shortly.

Cover: Byzanz zwischen Orient und Okzident Band 16 (Publishing house RGZM).

Cover: Byzanz zwischen Orient und Okzident Band 16 (Publishing house RGZM).