The Study of Individuality in Byzantium Compared to Western Europe and the Islamic World: Parallels and Differences in the Construction of "East" and "West"

A lecture by Prof. Dr. Maria Mavroudi (Berkeley)

This lecture will survey the last hundred years of scholarship on individual and collective selfhood in the disciplines dedicated to the European, Byzantine, and Arabic Middle Ages. Within a Western academic context, the study of the European Middle Ages is an older, bigger, and more mature field than the study of Byzantium or the medieval Middle East. Accordingly, it provided the other two fields with model questions and methods of answering them. The lecture will identify where and why these three scholarly disciplines adopted similar approaches and conclusions, as well as where and why they did not. This is offered as a tool through which to test whether “East” and “West” are best understood as distinct civilizational blocks that can be evaluated and ranked in terms of their importance for and moral impact on world history.

17. May 2022, 06:15 PM

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Jakob-Welder-Weg 18
55128 Mainz

The lecture will be in room P7 or digital via Zoom. Registration by email to byzantinistik(at)