Pilgrimage Sites on Crete from the Byzantine “Reconquista” to the First Period of the Venetian Era (Late 10th – Mid-15th Century)

Ein Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Vicky Foskolou (Rethymnon) / A lecture by Prof. Dr. Vicky Foskolou (Rethymnon)

A stop on the journeys of apostle Paul, seat of his beloved disciple Titus, place of martyrdom during the Roman persecutions of early Christians, Crete had a rich Christian past that was strengthened in later times with the presence of holy figures and the establishment of several important monasteries on the island. Despite the wealth of its religious tradition, little is known about the island as a place of pilgrimage. Aim of my presentation is to identify holy shrines that were pilgrimage destinations on the island in the period from the Byzantine reconquest on 961 until the Early Venetian era. In addition, through written sources and material remains, I will attempt to outline the devotional practices and customs associated with Cretan pilgrimage sites.

5. July 2023, 06:15 PM

Mainz, LEIZA, Vortragssaal