Thematic Area 1: Ways of Dissemination and Processes of Appropriation

The first research area analyzes the ways and forms of the spread of knowledge, ideas and objects. This includes the examination of means of communication and networks of mediating minorities (e.g. Oriental Christians and Jews) and the investigation of every sort of contact, be it political, military, economic, religious or otherwise, as well as the exchange of official agents. In this context, the focus will be set on the role of Byzantium in the transmission of knowledge as well as on exchange between the various cultures in the Euro-Mediterranean area.These contacts are the precondition for the manifold processes of appropriation of cultural elements that were deemed foreign and were transmitted over the ways of dissemination. Thereby processes of translation unavoidably occur, over the course of which elements of a particular culture are reinterpreted and reframed according to the requirements and needs of the recipient culture.